It is amazing how things sometimes turn out even better than you originally imagined. In this case, through an unforeseen, yet fortuitous stroke of luck, I am launching this blog at exactly the right time to take advantage of several new releases; only one of which was planned for at the initial conception of this blog. You see, right from the start, I planned to launch this blog on July 1, 2019. I planned it because I wanted to play Age of Sigmar by Games Workshop and I knew they released their yearly points update, the Generals Handbook in June. By launching the blog in July, I could build and paint an army for the new year of Age of Sigmar competitive play.

However, when I initially planned this blog in January of this year, I could not have hoped for a more serendipitous beginning. It now appears that not only am I launching my new blog shortly after the release of Games Workshops 2019 Generals Handbook, but I am also launching it shortly after the release of their new painting method, Contrast Colour Paints.

I could not have asked for a better start. I was going to paint a new army anyways, and now I get to do it using the new paints and painting method from Games Workshop. I am looking forward to this style of painting method because I have painted previous armies using a similar, if inferior method of painting. I am not a very good painter; actually, I am barely able to paint to tabletop standard on my best day. As such, I have long looked for methods to speed up my painting to achieve a tabletop quality paint job.

Previously, I have used washes to paint an army. This is a more time consuming process than what is being advertised for the new Contrast painting method. To paint with washes, you have to primer the model and then paint it grey or brown and then drybrush it back to an off white color. You then apply the washes over the model in several thin layers, to get the coloring you want. It works and it looks much better than when I actually try to paint a model the more traditional way, but it is not as fast as you would think, as you have to thin most washes with a medium before applying them. In the case of other washes, they are already extremely thin with light pigments and you have to apply them several times to the whole model and a few more times to the creases and crevices to get the desired depth and shading effect. Needless to say I am looking forward to using Contrast paints.

The other unexpected but exciting news for me is the fact that they have announced the pending (eventually) release of a new Sylvaneth Battletome. Technically, it should have already been released, but it was held up by international trade issues. This works even better for me, because I can start painting models now and have a sizable force (hopefully) painted up by the time the new Battletome drops.

In particular, I am looking forward to the new forests, as I hated the old ones; nothing bad about it as a piece of table terrain, but as army terrain, I just hated the ways the trees were placed and got in the way. I am not planning on winning GT’s so I am more into the army for the way it looks and the way it hopefully lends itself to painting with Contrast paints. I have always liked the Sylvaneth range, so I am looking forward to collecting and painting an army for the 2019 season.

So, that is the plan for starting this blog. I will attempt to stay focused on one army and get at least 2000 points painted up before my attention wanders. I am hoping to do a little more than than, and I think with the aid of Contrast Paints I can get 2000+ points painted up in the next three months. No guarantees, but I think that even I can focus on an army for three months. I am aiming for 1000 points a months, so even three months should net me 3000 points of Sylvaneth. Wish me luck, I might need it.

That is all for this post. I have taxed my ability to focus on one single topic to its limit for today. Before I start to ramble and return to my regularly scheduled chaotically disorganized ways, I will thank you for stopping by and giving my blog a read. Until the next one, Utterly Unfocused signing out.