I have been waiting for awhile for this release. I love the Sylvaneth range and I have previously collected and painted two small forces. I want to collect and paint the army this time around as my go to army. I do not care about the power level, I just want to play an army I like and I am hoping to find a paint scheme I can do that looks good.

Anyways, the Warhammer Community website has released all this goodness today and the preorders are next weekend. So excited! Okay, without further ado here is the pretties!

I will be getting the data cards and tokens. I know they often get changed, but I am all about spell tokens and quick reference.

I am not sure I will ever use them, but man they look good. So, I will of course buy them.

Oh my god! I so hate the old forests for Sylvaneth. Don’t get me wrong, the model is nice looking, but it is not a model that makes it easy to play on.

Here is the links for the full article, I am going close this post out, so I can go drool.

New Releases – Sylvaneth Are The Important Stuff.