The next model I decided to paint was another large model. This model was a challenge for me to paint; not only was it a large model, but it had a ton of detail. I have always liked the concept of an army of elephants or mammoths; which is probably the reason I was drawn to Skorne is Warmachine.

This model I used a lot of washes and drybrushing and I was actually very happy with the final result. There was of course several things I could have done better, but in addition to pinning the tile part to the model, I messed around with rust effects on the halberd/spear which I bit bashed from a hacking blade and the original spear.

I really wish the army was better in game. It is a shame it struggles to score objectives given the current way that Age of Sigmar is scored. I really like the army and the concept behind it. But as long as you count models and not wounds, Ogor armies will struggle. I still might paint this army at 1K points just for the fun of it, as I really, really like the look of the models.

That is all for this post. Before I start to ramble and return to my regularly scheduled chaotically disorganized ways, I will thank you for stopping by and giving my blog a read. Until the next one, Utterly Unfocused signing out.