This model was the Flesh-eater Courts Endless Spell, Chalice of Ushoran. It was the first time that I had ever played around with the Citadel Technical paint, Blood for the Blood God. I have to say it worked out really well. This is not a difficult model to paint and I finished it rather quickly. It is a basic paint job, but I think adding the glow effect to the skeleton eyes was a nice touch.

Here is a group shot with one of the painted Archregents. I liked the way the models turned out. I don’t really like the way the army plays, but I did have fun painting these models for it.

That is all for this post. Before I start to ramble and return to my regularly scheduled chaotically disorganized ways, I will thank you for stopping by and giving my blog a read. Until the next one, Utterly Unfocused signing out.