I have said this the past two posts, but I will say it again. Painting this model in addition to the Spirit of Torment and the first Guardian of Souls, showed me that painting with Contrast paints might just be the method that works best for me. You see, the Nighthaunt paints Hexwraith Flames and Nighthaunt Gloom are similar to the new Contrast Paints and I really liked using them; maybe even more important, is the fact I think I achieve decent tabletop quality paint jobs with them.

After the disaster of the yellow on the bottom of the robe for the last model, I decided that I would take a step back and try to go for a simpler paint job on the second Guardian of Souls. This time I used blue on the lanterns flames and tried to slowly fade it to a more white-blue at the back of the flames and that seemed to turn out okay.

That is all for this post. Before I start to ramble and return to my regularly scheduled chaotically disorganized ways, I will thank you for stopping by and giving my blog a read. Until the next one, Utterly Unfocused signing out.