While I didn’t hate the previous mainly contrast paint scheme for my Sylvaneth, I really wasn’t completely sold on it. I think this is because I wanted a scheme that was more like something you will see in Nature. So, I started looking at trees that you see in nature. I also wanted a scheme that would pop on the gaming table while at the same time looking realistic. Eventually, I found a bunch of pictures of trees that I liked and decided to try and find a paint scheme that replicated them on the table top.

It is not a completely new scheme, but it is one that I think looks good on the table top and pops with the sharp contrast between leaves and bark. The bark was the thing that was getting me, I didn’t want to do it in white like the Game of Thrones tree, but I did want it to be a lighter colored bark.

One thing I have noticed about Contrast paints is that whenever I paint them, they always look a shade darker than what I see online on the various color swatches. So, I decided to start with a Contrast color that looked a shade lighter than what I wanted. In this case, I picked Aggaros Dunes as I was looking for a color that was a nice tan color.

This is my first model painted with a 50/50 Aggaros Dunes to Contrast Medium mix.

This is the model after a second coat of 50/50 Aggaros Dunes to Medium mix. It was the color I was looking for in the recesses as the shaded areas, but to dark on the surface areas. Looking at the model, it looked to be the color of Tallarn Sand. So, I decided to go down a shade to Karak Stone to give it a drybrush.

The model looked perfect to me. It had the light wood color I was looking for and a nice tan in the recesses. It might need to be a shade darker in the recesses, so I might need to just paint it straight for the bottle for the rest of the models, but this was really, really close to what I wanted, about 99 percent there.

I wanted to do three primary leaf and tabard colors: purple, pink, and red. These three colors will stick out from the bark and pop on the table. For the first unit of Dryads, I decided to go with Magos Purple. This was painted in two 50/50 Magos Purple/Medium mix layers.

The Eyes I painted with Pink Horror and the vines I painted with Moot Green.

This is after washing the green with Biel-Tan Green and I put Spirit Stone Red in the eyes. I also gave the purple a third coat.

The eyes got a second coat of Spirit Stone and I based the model. I painted the base Dryad Bark. I then coated the top with Woodland Scenics Blended Green Turf that was placed on the model with watered down PVA glue. Once that was dried, I sealed the model with Testor Dullcote. Once the Dullcote was dry, I applied the Red Flowers from Warpainter and then I applied Jungle Tufts and Winter Tufts from Army Painter. The army then got another coat of Dullcoat.

I am really happy with the models and they are just what I wanted for this army. It is not the best paint job, but it is one that I can recreate quickly and easily. This is the goal to get my first Age of Sigmar army on the table. I am now going to try and knock out a full squad as fast as I can; which means about a week for me as I have a big family and a bunch of outside responsibilities. So stay tuned.

Well, that is all for this post. I have taxed my ability to focus on one single topic to its limit for today. Before I start to ramble and return to my regularly scheduled chaotically disorganized ways, I will thank you for stopping by and giving my blog a read. Until the next one, Utterly Unfocused signing out.