I was looking through my computer the other day, organizing the photos I am taking for this blog and I came across two pictures of an army that I had commission painted several years ago. The pictures were taken when I was trying to sell the army as I was getting out of miniature gaming as my life was to busy with my kids and their extracurricular activities. Even with hindsight being 20/20, I am not sure I would have kept the army. I liked it and it looked good, but it was not painted by me.

This army actually coincides with me starting to paint my own models. I was not and I am still not a great painter, but I wanted more ownership of my models, and I feel I can get this by painting my own models. Even if that means I play less as a result.

Anyways, here is the army. I would give credit to the painter, but I can not find any messages from him and looking online, I couldn’t find any more of his work, so he might have taken down his page. Oh, I am sharing this because I like Grayscale armies, it is something that I have always wanted to paint myself.