With the release of Warcry, I have really been thinking about the starting warbands. My initial thought was to paint their bases in a scheme that matched their original realm. I say initial thought because I have since changed my mind about how I want to base the models. However, initially, I was thinking about the two forces that come in the starter box, the Iron Golems and the Untamed Beasts. The untamed beasts come from the realm of beasts and I figured that I could add some skulls and bones to their bases and it would be fitting for them. The Iron Golems however, come from the Realm of Metal, Chamon, and that figured to be a bit more daunting. However, I had a few ideas in my head, so I got out my Greenstuff and tools and got to work.

To be completely honest, I do not know a whole lot about the Realm of Chamon other than the fact it is the realm of metal. I found the picture above on the internet, and it didn’t really help all that much either. Although, it is a cool picture. I remember reading a white dwarf at the beginning of the year where they made crystals from sprue for Realm of Chamon bases. So that was a starting point. In addition, I did know that the Iron Golems were supposed to be smiths, so I figured they would be in some metal works forge building weapons of death. This gave me a starting point for an idea. I would need some metal plates and I would borrow the idea of the metal crystals from the White Dwarf I had seen.

Several years ago, I invested in some Happy Seppuku Green Stuff Molds. I am glad I did because the company has since went out of business. Anyways, one of the bases that I got was called Random Steel Plates and I figured that using it in conjunction with the 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm base molds I have (also from Happy Seppuku), I could make some very nice metal plates for the bases. So that it what I set out to do.

I first made several green stuff plate bases using the molds. After they had dried, I cut out them along the lines of the plates and started gluing them to a spare 25mm base. I didn’t like the look with only one layer, so I decided to go ahead and make it to layers of stacked metal plates. I then just trimmed off the edges to make it conform to the size of the base.

First off, I cut the plastic sprue into little bits and glued the larger flat ends together. I then cut one end flat and glued it to the open space on the bases. Next, I cut one side to make it look somewhat like a crystal.

To paint the bases, I first just painted the plates in Stormhost Silver and the Crystals in Retributor Amour. However, I didn’t like the way it looked, so I painted them in a bunch of different metallic colors. I then washed them all in Agrax. Once they were dry, I went ahead and picked out a few to paint with Typhus Corrosion and Ryza Rust for that old corroded feel.

I then hit the open area with some Vallejo Brown earth that I then drybrushed to make more realistic. I really wasn’t happy with the final product. While it didn’t look bad, it wasn’t what I was thinking about in my mind. So, I decided to go a different direction. I decided that Chaotically inclined Smith would work in a metal forge area, but they would not be exactly clean or sanitary. As a result, the ground would be polluted, especially the water they use to cool their weapons. So with that idea in mind, I got busy with my next base idea.

I wanted thicker base for the metal plates, so I made it three layers thick. I did this by just make two black green stuff rounds in the molds and sticking the one textured with the plates on top. It looked good on the base with the thicker depth and would allow me to proceed with the next part of the base idea I had.

Next, I cut a channel in the base and decided that it looked to “open”, so I made to little green stuff balls and glued them inside the channel I had made.

I painted the metal with Stormhost Silver and then used progressively brighter shades of green to paint the gully in the base.

Okay, I got excited and forgot to take pictures until the final product. I used Typhus Corrrosion and Ryza Rust to make the metal look ill used and corroded. I then used then layers of Woodland Scenics Realistic Water with a few drops of Biel-tan Green in it to make the toxic water in the bases gully.

In the end, I was very happy with the base and I would gladly use the idea for chaotic armies in Chamon or any armies fighting in an industrial waste area. However, I decided in the end that I wanted the bases of my Warcry models to look like they are fighting in medieval ruins, so I will shelve this idea for a future project. I will say that I am glad I made the bases, as it taught me several things about green stuff and realistic water that will be helpful with future projects.

Well, that is all for now. Another Utterly Unfocused hobby endeavor.